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PlaneTRack Application Notes and Service Bulletins

Service and download site for our PlaneTRack ADS-B receivers

PlaneTRack Customer Area

This link requires a device s/n and password to login for documentation and software updates.

Application Notes

 AN-100 Access to Planevision Systems Internet Customer Area Customized documentation for PlaneTRack devices is accessible via a closed internet customer web area.  
 AN-101 PlaneTRack data output of Eurocontrol Asterix formats CAT 021,CAT023, CAT247 This Application Note describes the Asterix output format for CAT021, CAT023 and CAT247 of Planevision Systems PlaneTRack devices with Standard Asterix Output Option enabled.  
 AN-102 JetView­S outlines and waypoints file formats JetView­S can display user generated waypoints and outlines. The format used is mostly compatible with the standard format wpt and out files  
 AN-103 ADS­B, Mode­-S and ACAS flight data analysis with “ExtFlightData” function This Application Note describes the Extended CSV output format of PlaneTRack devices with the Extended CSV Output Option enabled.  
 AN-103A Appendix DATA DICTIONARY for Extended CSV format http server responses  
 AN-104 Commissioning of a PlaneTRack ADS­B Receiving Station This Application Note describes the commissioning of a PlaneTRack device, aerials, surge connectors, earth connections etc..  
 AN-105 Usage of PlaneTRack Video Output This Application Note describes the usage of the Video output of Planevision Systems PlaneTRack devices.  
 AN-106 Alternate/emergency access to console This Application Note describes the alternate/emergency console access of PlaneTRack devices. Available on request only.
 AN-109 SNMP manager software This Application Note describes the use of the SNMP manager software for PlaneTRack devices.  
 AN-112 Asterix overview and specifics of CAT048, CAT181, CAT182 data output This Application Note provides an overview about PlaneTRack Asterix implementations and describes the use of CAT048, CAT181, CAT182.  
 AN-112/048 Asterix output format CAT048 Data format specification  
 AN-112/181 Asterix output format CAT181 Data format specification  
 AN-112/182 Asterix output format CAT182 Data format specification  
 AN-116/6 PlaneTRack output format 6 (Port 30003) Output format definition  
 AN-116/6-A Analyzing Port 30003 (Format 6) CSV messages This Application Note describes how format 6 messages can be recorded, processed and analyzed.  
 Table 6-1 Table to Operating Manual PlaneTRack data formats and protocols.